Our designers are one of a kind, with unique attention to detail and customizable to every brides needs. 

Heres Whats Different about Our gowns! 

1. All our bridal orders come with a custom hem.

​That means when your gown arrives its already in your length no added hem cost needed!

​2. Our price point on average is $800 to $1200. We of course have lower and high but 80% of our inventory is at this price point.

​3. Our gowns are completely customizable! We are able to order a dress with added sleeves, change necklines and train lengths. Our seamstresses are also able to customize your gown even more when it arrives!

Our Designers! 

  Marys Bridal is one of our top designers, open back gowns, with delicate lace details and embellishments. Click here to see some of their designs. 

      Da Vinci Bridal  is a new designer for us, we love the ability to have the look for less. You can achieve the expensive look for a budget price. Also they have custom options making your gown your own.  Click Here. 

  Emma Bridal is based in the U.K. and brings designs to the table that are unique and not seen in most boutiques. They are completely custom and never go out to style. See their designs.. Click here. 

Our newest line is from is Evelyn Bridal, they are a brand new bridal design company and their work is beyond amazing. Click hereto see more. 

We of course provide all the accessories needed for the big day. With veils by Marrionat, Illusion and En vogue. Jewelry by the Jim Balls and shoes by touch ups and Benjamin walk. That can be dyed any color to match your day! 


We are a business built on Christian principles!  Deut. 6:5

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